Carphone Warehouse

'Motorola Xoom Test Drive'



A spin on the Carphone Warehouse 'Eyeopener' films on YouTube.

The Motorola Tablet is tested to its limits.



The Viral Factory


'Hauntalot App "Seance"'



The opening title sequence to Al Jazeera's cutting edge news show featuring global activism at work.



Al Jazeera

Czyonoft Studios

'Opening Title Sequence'



A 'live' seance that utilises your Facebook information to put you into the heart of the action.




Port Eliot Festival

'Martin Scorsese Introduction'



A short introduction to the Martin Scorsese-curated 'Paradiso Cinema Screenings' of classic movies during the Port Eliot Festival.

The Working Party Theatre Company

'Holler Box'



The film was made in 2014 following sellout live performance at The Bussey Building by a 20 strong community cast from the borough of Southwark. It was researched with countless organisations and 140 local residents. This is where we started and it still rings loud and true 18 months on.


Written By

Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

The Hayward Gallery

'Psycho Buildings'



Psycho Buildings: Artists Take On Architecture marked the 40th anniversary of The Hayward - one of the world's most architecturally unique exhibition venues. It brought together the work of artists – including Atelier Bow-Wow, Michael Beutler, Los Carpinteros, Gelitin, Mike Nelson, Ernesto Neto, Tobias Putrih, Tomas Saraceno, Do-Ho Suh and Rachel Whiteread - who created habitat-like structures and architectural environments that are mental and perceptual spaces as much as physical ones.

Tower Hamlets

'14th Floor: A History of Social Housing'



Using rarely seen imagery from the archive collections and interviews with former and current residents, architects, artists and historians, the film charts the development of social housing in the East End.